Brief History of the Department

Department of Arabic, University of Calicut had started functioning on 04.04.1974 and has contributed a lot to the growth and development of Arabic language and literature in Kerala through the promotion of higher studies and research in this field. Now it is one of the leading institutions for higher studies and research in Arabic language and literature in the whole country. This department insists using Arabic language as the medium of instruction, examination and for writing Ph.D thesis and M.Phil dissertations. By now more than 102 scholars have been awarded Ph.d under the supervision of the faculty members of this department.  A quarterly research journal ‘Kalikoot’ has started publishing from the department since 2006 which has received warm welcome from the teachers, students and scholars from different parts of the country and acquired wide reputation all over the country and even abroad with its well deliberated literary discourses.

The department has started a translation bureau for public service which under takes the translation of various kinds of documents. The bureau selects a crew of students for providing the translation service at the Calicut Airport for which they are paid honorarium. Hence these students are earning an income while learning. Besides M.A., M.Phil.and Ph.D. programmes; the Department also offers two Post Graduate Diploma courses; one in ‘Translation and Secretarial Practice in Arabic’ and the other in ‘Commerce and Management in Arabic’. These courses include computer applications in Arabic and Tally Accounting which will help these students to attain job in Arab countries as well as in reputed companies within the country. In addition to this the department offers a Certificate Course in Spoken Arabic for the beginners.

Most of the faculties of Arabic in the university departments and affiliated colleges of Kerala are the alumnae of this department. A major portion of higher secondary and high school teachers are also former students of the department. Many of them work in private institution in an out of the state. A number of the former students of the department are working in various Gulf countries on responsible posts in Govt. and Public Sector Undertakings; as well as in the field of translation, teaching, journalism etc. The department has been providing assistance and guidance to the outgoing students for such placements.  

The department library of the Department of Arabic is one of the best libraries for Arabic books in the whole India especially in the area of contemporary literature. Research scholars from universities inside and outside Kerala are visiting this library for their reference. The department is also having a computer lab with internet  andWi-fi facilities and has been provided with a dish antenna through which the Arab channels are downloaded and utilized for improving communication skills of the students and training them in the simultaneous interpretation. All most all former Heads of the Dept. received the prestigious president’s Awards for promoting Arabic Language and Literature.


  1. To assist the students to acquire a sound theoretical and practical knowledge to use a modern functional language of more than 22 countries recognized by United Nations for the individual development and development of the nation.
  2. To initiate interest in the students for understanding Arabic language and literature in its all genre and to develop an ability to engage in creative and technical writings.
  3. To help the students to study a section of classical philosophy through literature.
  4. To provide an opportunity to understand Arab culture and civilisation as a part of world heritage
  5. To ignite interest in research of academic and social relevance and learn the scientific methodology to conduct independent and original research.


  • Ensuring effective attainment of all programme outcomes, programme specific outcomes and course outcomes.
  • Ensuring the involvement and contribution of faculty , research scholars and students to the development of Arabic language and literature
  • Ensuring the role of faculty, research scholars and students in the development of society and nation with secular consciousness

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